Stacy Davis



Cancer Nutrition Coach

Cancer Nutrition Therapy

I work with people with cancer before, after and during treatment. I also help caregivers provide healthy nourishment and nutrient enriched meals for their love one.
Are you struggling with:
• Knowing what to and not to eat
• Avoiding certain foods because you feel it causes cancer
• Not wanting the cancer to return
I can help with you:
• Feeling confident in what you eat
• Stop fearing foods
• Help decrease side effects during and after treatment
• Regain strength
• Have more energy and fight fatigue
• Help gain or lose weight after treatment

Personal Coaching

Awareness of the disease is an absolute must for the survivor for quick response to preventative measures and get treatment underway.

Nutrition Regimen

A good nutritional regimen is key to staying strong and energetic whilst building your immune system to help fight in your body's' defense.

Genetic Testing

Genetic counselling helps to find the complex issues and dietary do's and don'ts for the best genetic response to heal your body.


Staying mentally healthy during your cancer treatment is vital to your outcome. Communication and understanding goes a long way in your overall immune response.

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Cancer Thriver Circle

This group is held monthly for 45-60 minutes over Zoom

It is led by a Registered Dietitian, Stacy Davis. Stacy has been a registered dietitian and culinary expert for over 15 years. Group sessions will be based on sharing and answering Q&As.

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