Through Cancer

Discovering Flavorful Possibilities: Embracing Food with Confidence on Your Cancer Journey

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or have a family history of cancer, making adjustments to your diet and lifestyle can significantly help support your body’s immune system. 


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With you every step of the way

Stacy is here to provide personalized guidance and cancer diet support as you navigate this journey. Most importantly, with her expertise in cancer diet and counseling, you'll receive the tools and knowledge needed to optimize your health and well-being.  

Nutritional Health

Cancer itself and cancer treatment place extra demands on your body. Nutrition and exercise will help you cope better.

Immunity Strength

Maintain muscle strength, maintain a healthy weight and have more energy, all of which can improve your quality of life.

Mental Health

Cancer diagnosis can affect emotional health. It's important to recognize these changes and get help when needed.

Meet Your Coach...

Stacy Roberts-Davis, RD, LDN

Stacy has been a Registered Dietitian for more than a decade. Her expertise in treating clients are focused with her motto and approach of “Eat Real Food.” Not to mention, her hands on cooking skills create a unique way for patients to heal with food.


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Cancer Cooking Crash Course

Cancer Cooking Crash Course is a self-paced program designed to enhance your culinary skills while discovering the health benefits of food.

Genetic Testing for Personalized Nutrition

Unlock personalized plans for a deeper health understanding. Receive clear, tailored recommendations to enhance your quality of life based on your unique genetic makeup.

Meal Plan Subscriptions

We all dread that question... what’s for dinner…..And for good reason. No one wants to wait until the last minute to try to prepare something nutritious and healthy — that’s stressful! But if you’ve ever wished there was a simpler way to eat better, we’ve got good news...Now you can enjoy hand-curated meal plans — created just for you by Stacy with my easy-to-use subscription service.

Cancer Thriver Membership

As a member, you'll gain access to an ever-growing library of resources, personalized guidance, and uplifting support to empower you on your journey to wellness. Plus, enjoy monthly happy hour chats where you can connect with fellow thrivers and share experiences. And with customizable meal plans tailored to your unique needs, eating well has never been easier.

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